Blue Tailed White Japanese Bantams


Japanese are the smallest poultry breed we work with. Comparable to the size of a small dove, they do best in mild climates and need extra protection from the cold in our winter months. They are full of personality, have the ability to fly when they feel threatened, and are excellent mothers. They lay an abundance of petite white eggs.

Japanese are bred to have the shortest legs possible, with a broad round breast and a tail that fans up and over their back. They carry a Creeper Gene (deadly gene) in their DNA which makes hatching them tricky, as the genetics of both parents must be considered. Japanese require a deep understanding of genetics to breed and therefore we do not recommend them as a personal breeding project for the average hobbyist, but rather an adorable and spunky pet that will provide tiny eggs for your pantry.

**Please see our main Poultry page for our recommendation on diet and husbandry care**