Cochin Bantams


Cochin Bantams are sure to make you laugh! We really just can't take them seriously, no matter how hard they try to act like a "normal" chicken. They are about the size of a small watermelon and just as round, with feathers that fill up all spaces between their legs and drape around their bodies. You can almost always hear a cochin coming up behind you because of the soft rustling their feathers make on the ground. Watching them run is our favorite! Talk about a waddling puff of feathers!

Our cochin flock is new to us and extremely small at this time. We love their sweet and curious personalities, and the males truly believe they are as large as the Langshans. Due to the amount of feathers surrounding their body, they must be artificially inseminated weekly during egg season in order to ensure fertilization. Cochins lay small brown eggs and do best with lower nesting boxes, as all of those feather can become quite heavy and flight resistant!

We look forward to showing our cochins at their first competitive poultry show in 2021.

**Please see our main Poultry page for our recommendation on diet and husbandry care**