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Doe keep and sell list 2023-2024

1 Autumn
2 Autumn x Johnny doe
3 Toffee
4 Jane
5 Renegade
6 Wild
7 Lyra
8 Ritz
9 Ritz x Coney
Penny (sell)
Penny x Freight Train (sell)
Flurry (sell)
10 Flurry x Wood Owl Buck
Bad Apple (sell)
11 Bad Apple x Johnny
12 Arizona
13 Arizona x Monoi
Colorado (sell)
14 Sunrise
15 Sunrise x Monoi
Meadow (sell)
16 Meadow x Wood Owl Buck
Whippr (sell)
Goody x Freight Train
17 Goldie
18 Goldie x Coney

Buck keep and sell list 2023-2024

1 Johnny
2 Coney (possible euthanasia depending on legs)
Freight Train (sell if I get Coney x Goldie buck)
Huckleberry (sell)
Monoi (sell if I get Monoi x Arizona buck)
3 Coney x Goldie
4 Monoi x Arizona
5 Wood Owl buck

Have an annual "doe sale" after all kids are weaned and extra kids are sold! Sell extra bucks at this time as well.

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