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Creosote Ranch P Macchiato

Born January 20, 2020

+VV+ 84 as a FF

Linear Appraisal

Age 1-03

Head V 

Shoulder Assembly + 

Front Legs + 

Rear Legs V 

Feet + 

Back + 

Rump + 

Udder Texture + 

General Appearance + 

Dairy Strength V 

Body Capacity V 

Mammary +

Final Score 84 

Show Wins

-5th in Class, Caprine Classics, 2021


Dam: Creosote Ranch GJ Toffee 1*M +VEV 84

    Dam's Sire: La Buena Vida SC GentlemanJack

    Dam's Dam: La Buena Vida FM Zoe

Sire: Sierra Vista PT Prince Giada *B

    Sire's Sire: Rosasharn WS Prince Teodoro *B

    Sire's Dam: SG La Buena Vida IF Jade 3*M VEEE 90

Kidding History

-2021 2 bucks, sired by Creosote Ranch GJ Limousine

-2021, 1 doe 1 buck sired by La Buena Vida SC GentlemanJack

-2022, 1 buck sired by CH Onaqui Starship Johnny Rico

Retained Daughters


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