Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are my favorite duck breed for many reasons. They are prolific egg layers, excellent mothers, quiet, and deliver a wonderful carcass full of flavor and little fat as compared to other duck breeds. These will sit and rear their own young without any trouble, and they are friendly and well mannered with other breeds of poultry. Additionally, they can fly to escape from predators which is uncommon in many other meat duck breeds.


Muscovies are well known for the caruncles that grow around their face. These red bumps are completely normal and are encouraged in the breed for identification purposes. Drakes generally weigh around 12 lbs and are close to twice the size of hens, who weigh 7 lbs. on average.

*Ducks are designed to eat in water or marshy conditions and can pick up a lot of unnecessary dirt if fed directly on the ground. We provide our ducks with a "food bowl" that is filled with a mixture of water and feed to provide the most natural and healthy feeding routine possible

**Please see our main Poultry page for our recommendation on diet and husbandry care**