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Creosote Pasture Dairy Goats and Poultry was established in 2016 in Florence, Arizona. What originally started as a a competitive poultry flock over a decade ago has grown into a small sustainable farm that provides wholesome food and quality animals. With more and more people becoming concerned about where their food comes from, Creosote Pasture strives to educate others on self sufficiency and proper livestock care, specifically in the areas of fresh goats milk, chicken, and eggs.


In addition, all animals are purebred, as the integrity of preserving breeds is important and should be respected. Animals that are bred to match their breed standards display quality structure, healthy genetics, and consistent production. Our dairy goats are registered through the American Dairy Goat Association and all poultry are bred to the specifications noted in the American Standard of Perfection, published by the American Poultry Association. All of our animals participate in competitive livestock shows annually to identify strengths and determine breeding selections that should happen the following season.

Creosote Pastures emphasizes proper nutrition and maintenance as key components to a healthy backyard herd or flock. Animals that receive a high quality diet have excellent immune systems and produce products that are rich in nutrients. Additionally, animals that are fed correctly are less likely to become ill. Prevention of disease or illness is our primary focus as opposed to only focusing on treatment. Creosote Pasture believes in putting animals' health and well being first, and diet is key!

nigerian dwarf dairy goats in arizona

Home Sweet Home

The homesteading life is the best life!

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