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Home Sweet Home

nigerian dwarf dairy goats in arizona

Creosote Pasture Dairy Goats was established in 2016 in Florence, Arizona and is made up of a small herd of high quality Nigerian Dwarf  Dairy  Goats. All of our animals  are registered through the American Dairy Goat Association and participate in all three performance programs offered by the registry; Linear Appraisal, milk testing (DHI), and our personal favorite - ADGA Sanctioned Shows! 

In order to provide the highest quality care to our goats, we keep our herd numbers below 30. By maintaining a smaller herd, we are able to pay closer attention to each animal as an individual while also giving ourselves a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, by keeping a small herd we select only the best animals to use for our breeding program which allows us to assist in improving the Nigerian breed  as a whole. Correct structural traits are our highest priority in our animals and we pride ourselves in our dedication to quality, not quantity.

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