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Goat Care


Bringing home any animal is very exciting, but also requires a lot of responsibility. It is a livestock owner's job to do the necessary research BEFORE purchasing or bringing home any animal onto their property. Many headaches (and heart aches) can be avoided by being as knowledgeable as possible and making yourself prepared for your wonderful animal to come home.

After spending more than a decade in the livestock industry, we believe there are a thousand ways to do one thing, and many of them produce the same result. Each breeder has their own opinion and means of doing business and will do what works best for them and their situation. In fact, you may see several variances of husbandry care on different breeders' pages, and that is AWESOME! Make yourself as knowledgeable as possible, and then as a livestock owner decide what works best for YOU. 


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Best Milking Practices
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