Kid Care

A hot debate in the goat world is dam raising vs. bottle feeding. We choose to dam raise our kids for several reasons: we feel it is the most respectful thing to do for the dam and kids, it is easier on our lives, and  we have no reason to bottle feed. (We have only ever bottle fed one kid that was too weak to stand after a breached labor, and the dam had rejected the kid after birth).

There are concerns that dam raised kids are less "friendly" than bottle fed babies, and although they may not view us as their mom and follow us around everywhere, we spend a lot of time socializing them from a young age so that they enjoy human interaction. We enjoy playing with the kids when they are young and then letting the mom do the feeding and cleaning! 

We keep the kids with their dam for 8-10 weeks depending on the kid's weight and vigor. During this time they are handled daily, vaccinated, groomed, and loved on. Once they are ready to be weaned, we separate them from their moms in groups so that the kids are not lonely. We keep an eye on their appetite and watch for any signs of weaning diarrhea. After they have been separated for a minimum of 2 weeks they are ready to go to their new homes!

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