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Kid Care

Our foundation animals have come from a variety of herds in different states across the country. In order to practice the highest level of biosecurity, all of our goat kids born from foundational animals are pulled from birth and fed heat treated colostrum (or powdered colostrum if our supply is low) for the first 24 hours of life. They are then directly switched to pasteurized goats milk. Goat kids that are born from dams that were raised on the method above are either dam raised or bottle fed depending on our current work schedule/time availability.


How we "bottle feed"

We choose to free feed cold goat milk using a custom made cooler so that our goat kids can help themselves to milk whenever they want throughout the day. This method was studied by several universities using lambs, and the result of the study was lamb kids with higher weaning weights. Our coolers are filled with ice water each morning to ensure the milk  stays cold, and due to the temperature the kids do not over-nurse. They are fed this way until they are 8 weeks old.

Alfalfa hay, minerals, loose salt, and water is introduced at one week old. 

Kids are introduced to a medicated creep feed pellet at two weeks old. They have access to the creep feeder until they are three months old.

When purchasing a kid from us, they will be trained on grey lambar nipples and can be fed either goats milk or whole cows milk from the store. We recommend most new owners to follow a standard Nigerian Dwarf Bottle Baby Feeding Schedule, like the one posted below.



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