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Terms of Sales

1. A $100 deposit for does and bucks is required to hold the reservation. This deposit will go towards the full price of the animal.

2. If your reservation is not fulfilled, you may request a refund, roll over the reservation to the following kidding season, or transfer the deposit to another open reservation.

3. No deposits or payments toward an animal will be refunded due to canceled reservations. NO exceptions.

4. When placing a reservation, please notify us of your second choice pairing in the event your first choice in unable to be filled. Second choice selections are optional and must be a pairing  that kids at the same time or after your original selection. Reservations will be filled based on the order of deposits received. (Example: Customer A places a reservation before anyone else on goat Susy, with a second choice on goat Betty. Susy does not fill the reservation, and so Customer A  takes home Betty's kid. Customer B selected Betty as their first choice, but paid their deposit AFTER Customer A. Therefore, Customer B does not get their first choice (Betty) and will  get their second choice.

5. We will accept deposits for a maximum of one doe and one buck reservation per breeding. If the reservation list is full for the breeding of your choice, you can request to be added to our free waitlist for that animal which will put you in line for the next available kid.  If the kid becomes available, half of the payment must be paid within 48 hours of notification that the kid has been born, with the other half payment due at the time of pick up. 

6. If your kid reservation is fulfilled, half of the remaining payment is due within 48 hours of being notified that your kid has  been born and the remaining half is due at the time of pickup unless using a third party transporter  (see number 15 below). All payments are non-refundable, regardless of a cancelation of the sale from the buyer or failure to pickup the kid by 10 weeks of age by the buyer (unless otherwise discussed in advance and approved by Angelica Rudow at Creosote Pastures).

7. Kids paid for in full may be picked up as early as 2 weeks of age on the bottle. Kids not picked up by 4 weeks of age will accrue a $35 per week boarding fee that will be added to the final sale price of the animal. Kids must be picked up by 10 weeks of age.

8. If a kid is not picked up by 10 weeks of age the sale will be cancelled, unless alternative arrangements have been discussed and approved by Angelica Rudow. Deposits and partial payments on this kid will not be refunded.

9. Kids will be dis-budded, will receive a CDT Vaccine at 4 and 8 weeks of age, and will be tattooed if over 4 weeks of age or being transported outside of the state. All kids will come with ADGA Registration Papers.
5. Performance homes take preference over other reservations. If a more qualified reservation request is made ahead of another, the $100 deposit will be refunded  immediately to the prior party.

10. When purchasing a mature animal, half of the total price of the animal is due within 24 hours to reserve that animal until pickup. The remaining half of the price of the animal is due at the time of pickup or 1 week before a third party transportation service arrives. Adult animals must be picked up within one month of the first payment made. Failure to pickup an adult animal within one month after the first payment will result in a forfeit of the sale. Any payment/deposit made on an adult animal is non-refundable. NO exceptions.

11. Shipping and transportation is at the buyer's expense, and is the buyer's responsibility to arrange with a date approved by us (we work full time and must be able to meet the transporter for pick up). Please consider your transportation needs and abilities before making a deposit or purchasing an animal. You will be notified shortly after birth if your reservation has been fulfilled.  Kids MUST leave our farm between 2-1o weeks old.  Please have your transportation plans in place by that time unless alternate plans have been arranged and approved by Angelica Rudow at Creosote Pastures in advance.

12. Due to Arizona's extreme climate that does not usually match the rest of the USA, as well as our location and time constraints, we do not ship via air transport.

13. Kids must be paid for in full one week before being shipped by a third party transportation service. This includes all shipping/CVI fees associated with the animal.

14. All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).  We will register all doe and buck kids at our expense.  We will provide a certificate of registry at time of pick up or shipping.  If registration forms are not yet available at time of pick up, the registration form will be mailed to you.  Registration through any other dairy goat registry is the buyer's responsibility.  

15. We reserve the right to keep any kid resulting from any of our breedings at any time. In the unlikely chance we decide to retain a kid that has been partially paid for, the full payment and deposit will be refunded to the buyer immediately. 

16. We reserves the right to refuse any sale or acceptance of any reservation request/deposit at anytime for any reason.

17. Goats are herd animals and require the companionship of other goats.  We will not sell goats to homes that don't already have goats unless you are purchasing more than one.

18. Once an animal is sold and has left our property, they cannot be returned due to bio-securty concerns.

19. Once an animal is sold, we cannot guarantee it's future health, growth, production or quality.  We have spent a small fortune on quality animals from excellent breeding lines and have gone above and beyond to keep them happy and healthy. Management plays an integral part of their appearance and health and we cannot be responsible for this once the animal has left our farm.  

20. Breeding pairs and dates may change and will be updated as does are confirmed bred.

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