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Wolfivan Tahitian Monoi

Born May 6, 2021

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Dam: GCH Castle Rock Tahitian Treasure

    Dam's Sire: Lil Miss B Haven HokeyPokey, full brother to the                               2021ADGA Reserve National Champion

          G.G. TX Twincreeks RM Watermark VVV 86 at 1-10

          G.G. Dam: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus VVEE 90

    Dam's Dam: CH Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset VEVE 90,                                            2019 ADGA National Champion

          G.G. Sire: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage

         G.G. Dam: GCH CRF Castle Rock Tuscan Sun VEEE 90

Sire: Wolfivan Jack of Diamonds

    Sire's Sire: Agape's Prize Saint Dismus *B

           G.G. Sire: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn

           G.G. Dam: SGCH Old Mountain Farm Merriment VEVE 90,                                  2017 ADGA National Champion

    Sire's Dam: SG Wolfivan WP Patchouli V+VV 87 at 1-02

            G.G. Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Promisclasact

            G.G. Dam: SGCH Joyful Hearts KR Phoebe VEEE 91

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