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Onaqui EYHO Wisdom

Born April 14, 2023

Not yet Linear Appraised

Linear Appraisal



Shoulder Assembly 

Front Legs 

Rear Legs 




Udder Texture 

General Appearance 

Dairy Strength 

Body Capacity 


Final Score 

Show Wins

Not yet shown.

Retained Daughters


Dam: Creamery Creek BB Wood Owl EEEE 91

    Dam's Sire: Creamery Creek TS Be Be King

        G.G. Sire: Creamery Creek Tuscun Sun

        G.G. Dam: Deb's Whisperwoods Be Be Cream VEEE 90

    Dam's Dam: Creamery Creek BZ Spotted Owl VVVE 87

        G.G. Sire: NC Promisedland MS Black Zumba

        G.G. Dam: Proctor Hill Farm Hootieowl

Sire: Onaqui BH Eat Your Heart Out

    Dam's Sire: GCH Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +B VEE 89

        G.G. Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B +EE 86

        G.G. Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWoman VEEE 90

    Dam's Dam: SG Creamery Creek TS SweetNCreamy 2*M EEEE 92

        G.G. Sire: Proctor Hill Farm PO The Swede

        G.G. Dam: Deb's Whisperwoods Be Be Cream 1*M VEEE 90

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