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Onaqui EYHO Wisdom

Born April 14, 2023

Not yet Linear Appraised

**DNA on file**

Show Wins

Not yet shown.

Retained Daughters


Dam: Creamery Creek BB Wood Owl EEEE 91

    Dam's Sire: Creamery Creek TS Be Be King

        G.G. Sire: Creamery Creek Tuscun Sun

        G.G. Dam: Deb's Whisperwoods Be Be Cream VEEE 90

    Dam's Dam: Creamery Creek BZ Spotted Owl VVVE 87

        G.G. Sire: NC Promisedland MS Black Zumba

        G.G. Dam: Proctor Hill Farm Hootieowl

Sire: Onaqui BH Eat Your Heart Out

    Sire's Sire: GCH Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +B VEE 89

        G.G. Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B +EE 86

        G.G. Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWoman VEEE 90

    Sire's Dam: SG Creamery Creek TS SweetNCreamy 2*M EEEE 92

        G.G. Sire: Proctor Hill Farm PO The Swede

        G.G. Dam: Deb's Whisperwoods Be Be Cream 1*M VEEE 90

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